Kaduna State Mortgage and Foreclosure Authority is a mortgage regulatory framework established through the enactment by the Kaduna State Legislature called the Kaduna State Mortgage and Foreclosure Law No 10 dated June 15th 2017 with primary responsibility of creating a conducive environment for accessible and affordable mortgages for the benefit of the residents of the State. This is in addition to implementing the housing policy of the State, regulate mortgages, foreclosure and enforcement of real estate property in the State. We are also to be advising the Governor on the funding, administration and structure of the State Mortgage finance program or policy for the benefit of the indigenes, public servants and all residents of the State.
We are to implement and honor on behalf of the State all obligations in any agreement made between the State and other parties with regards to any mortgage scheme for the provision of funds for land ownership or development of real estate in the State. We are to harmonize any mortgage scheme or policy which the State has or may put in place from time to time in connection with the making, processing, placing, registering or administration of mortgages.


Why you need us

We are primarily responsible for the creation of a conducive environment for accessible and affordable mortgages for the benefit of Kaduna state residents at a single-digit interest rate


We are also to regulate mortgages, foreclosures, and enforcement of real property and connected purposes

Low interest mortgage loans

Over 3 billion Naira to be accessed at a single digit rate

We facilitate home ownership

Live comfortably in your own house through our flexible re-payment plans

Indigene or Non-indigene

You don't need to be born in Kaduna to access all of these privilledges

Become your own Landlord easily

Owning your own house has never been easier

Our Office Address

Towards realizing this laudable initiatives of assisting residents to own their houses through the provision of affordable mortgages at single digit interest, the State Government on Thursday October 3rd 2019 signed a Tripartite Agreement with Nigeria Mortgage Refinanace Company (NMRC) and FHA Mortgage Bank Ltd with a view to pool together N3Billion naira as a start for this purpose.